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Medical Dermatology

Ingrown toenails are a common problem, it happens when the edge of your nail penetrates the skin of the toe. Fingers can also be affected but the big toe is usually the most problematic.

The use of inappropriate footwear, the way we cut our nails, or activities such as football or ballet all increase the chances of suffering from this problem.
Anyone can experience an ingrown toenail but they happen more frequently in people who have excessive sweating on their feet as when your feet are wet, the skin is softer and, therefore, it is easier for a nail to pierce your skin.

Our medical team can diagnose an ingrown toenail based on the symptoms and the
physical examination of the surrounding nail and skin.

Depending on what state your ingrown toenail is in, it can be treated in several ways:

  • Lifting the nail: In cases of a slightly ingrown toenail (with redness and pain but without pus), the doctor will carefully separate the edge of the nail by placing cotton, dental floss or splint under your nail. This helps the nail grow over the edge of the skin.
  • Partial removal of the nail permanently: In chronic cases (redness, pain and pus), the doctor may cut or remove a few millimetres of nail that is causing the problem. (this technique is imperceptible aesthetically).
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