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Prevention and Treatment of Melanoma or Skin Cancer

Solar radiation is the main cause of skin cancer. It is important to identify those patients with the highest risk of developing.

Early diagnosis of melanoma is essential to achieve a cure. There are genetic and
environmental factors that increase your risk. We cannot act directly on genetic factors although we can identify the people who have them and in turn have a higher risk of melanoma. Therefore, if there is a family history, if you have a high number of moles (more than 50) or there are atypical or irregular moles, if you have light eyes and blond or red hair and your skin is pale or burns easily in the sun, you need a periodic review skin especially if you experienced sunburn in your childhood or youth.

As for environmental factors, they are related to inadequate and excessive sun exposure, so we should avoid sunburn and prolonged sun exposure in uncovered areas such as your face and hands, especially for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

A patient with melanoma should always be seen by a dermatologist. We are esponsible.

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