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Effective solutions for your hair

Abrupt or progressive hair loss or alopecia is a matter that concerns both men and women.

In men and women, androgenic alopecia is very common. Oral finasteride is commonly used for treatment. Currently, we are witnessing the emergence of new behaviours in regards to the management of alopecia, such as the introduction of dutasteride, the rise in topical application of finasteride or its intralesional use. These treatments are used for both men and women with good results. Therefore, a timely diagnosis accompanied by proper treatment can prevent or delay hair loss.

Other inflammatory diseases such as lichen planus, fibrosing frontal alopecia or lupus can cause hair loss and require a more specific study in order to have the appropriate treatment. There are no “miraculous” treatments, but early and adequate treatment is important to reduce the hair loss rate and recover some of the hair.

At the first signs of symptoms, put yourself in the hands of real professionals. DON’T TRY TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM YOURSELF, with treatments that are without scientific basis or if you are lacking a rigorous assessment and correct diagnosis.

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