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treatment to eliminate it

Acne, in addition to being a skin pathology, can cause social relationship problems and even psychological disorders. Its appearance in the form of blackheads or comedones, pustules, nodules, cysts and scars on the face or back affects people of almost all ages although it is often related to adolescents.

Every day, more women over the age of 25 with acne consult with us and deserve special attention since many of them have been suffering with this pathology for many years. For us a fast, maintained and efficient solution is a priority.

The causes of acne can be varied, they may be due to hormonal disorders, inappropriate use of cosmetic products or taking certain medications.

After the patient assessment, a personalized treatment (creams, oral medication,
chemical peels) will be established. Acne scars are a relatively frequent problem with great psychological repercussions in patients who have them. We are aware of the difficulty of your treatment and therefore evaluate the type of scars and skin type before considering a solution. There is no single treatment; a combination of treatments is recommended in order to obtain the best results.

Dermaroller is a method of percutaneous collagen induction. We combine peeling of alphahydroxyacids and trichloracetic. But the most important thing is that WE COMMIT OURSELVES TO YOU, ask about our acne treatments.

acne tratamiento