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Hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance for filling depressions, furrows or wrinkles and for increasing the volume of cheekbones, chin and lips.
It is a natural substance that is present in our body. It can retain large amounts of water which makes this material the ideal filler for the treatment of superficial and deep wrinkles and depressions in your face.

Higher density hyaluronic acids are used to restore the lost volume over the years, giving your face a rejuvenated appearance by treating the depressions that appear on the temples and cheeks and giving volume to your cheekbones and chin.

Lower density hyaluronic acids serve to correct wrinkles that appear on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes as well as to return the volume lost in your lips and correct the appearance of lacrimal grooves or dark circles.

The most frequent side effect is bruising that we try to reduce with the use of cannulas.

Very fluid hyaluronic acid with or without vitamins is used to deeply hydrate and achieve a smoother, more luminous and youthful skin. Several sessions are necessary.

acido hialuronico alicante derclinic

Calcium hydroxyapatite is the other substance used in fillers. The trade name known as Radiesse, is a natural component that is easily absorbed by the body and does not have allergic conditions.
It produces a tensor effect and stimulates the regeneration of collagen, being especially recommended for application in the area of the mandibular arch and in the cheekbones.
The treatment reaches its maximum results between 2 and 4 months after its infiltration and the results last approximately more than 1 year.
The application of cold after treatment minimizes the possible effects of inflammation.

It is important to tell the dermatologist if you are taking antiplatelet or anticoagulants, or the propensity to make keloids, or if you suffer from an autoimmune disease so as not to interfere with the treatments applied.
The radiesse is ideal for improving the oval of the face with the mandibular line.

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