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Let your skin talk about you

Sun exposure and other factors such as hormones increase the appearance of spots. It is important to get a correct diagnosis of the type of spot you have in order to treat it effectively and properly.

Skin spots can be classified into 2 types: lentigos and melasma.

Lentigines are small brown spots, smooth (without volume) that usually appear on the face, the back of the hands and on the neckline, they are a product of sun exposure and aging.
The alexandrite and pulsed light laser treatment, alone or in combination with other treatments, provides very good results, while the pulsed light improves the quality of the skin and closes the pore. Necklines and necks that have been damaged by the sun have both spots and background redness. Pulsed light is the best treatment and combined with hyaluronic acid infiltrations produce very satisfactory results.

Melasma or chloasma are extensive light brown or greyish spots on the face that appear primarily in women. They frequently appear during pregnancy or due to the use of contraceptives. Its treatment is a challenge for us and although it is based mainly on creams and depigmenting formulas, we can also combine them, if necessary, with scrubs or pulsed light.

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