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Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, which often affects the armpits, hands and feet, can be a serious limitation in your daily social and work activity

It is important to have a correct assessment in order to rule out that the hyperhidrosis is not due to another underlying disease or the taking of any medication.
The treatment should be individualized assessing age, work activity and medical history.

Initially, a local treatment with antiperspirants or with formulations with substances with anticholinergic effect is usually administered. In some cases of generalized sweating, oral treatment with oxybutynin can be administered or iontophoresis devices can be used.

Botox is one of the treatments of choice when sweating is located in the armpits and hands. Its effects last between 6-8 months. Its application is simple and when it comes to having it done in your hands, it is done with local anaesthesia.