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Lobe surgery

The repair of holes in the earlobe or lobuloplasty is surgery that closes the holes in the ears of both women and men. Many patients think that a hole in this area is irreversible but the reality is that, although it is a delicate process and is performed under local anaesthesia, the results of the surgery are very satisfactory.

Many women who wear earrings from a young age, over the years and as they use heavier earrings, suffer both tearing and sagging of the earlobe. If this is not corrected in time, it may get worse or even tear completely

Also, with the same technique, dilations can be repaired (the “huge” holes in the
The intervention lasts about 40 minutes and the results are immediate. The time of inactivity or rest is minimal during the post-operative period, being able to continue your life as normal almost immediately.

The stitches are removed after a week and after 30 days the scars will be strong enough to, in case of needing a hole, allow a new perforation without problems.

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